Laser Clay Shooting

Laser Clays

Ever wanted to get your hands on a double barrel shotgun?  Look no further. This shooting sport combines skill with excitement and extremely unique.

A real modified shotgun fires infrared beams at clays launched from a conventional clay launcher, whenever the trigger is pulled the scoreboard generates a shotgun sound along with a hit or miss!

This really is as close to the real thing as it gets, complete with a large visual electronic score board to amuse both the participants and spectators.

Adult 30


  • 30 minute session

Adult 60


  • 60 minute session

Junior 30


  • 30 minute session

Junior 60


  • 60 minute session

What's great about Laser Clays?

One of the world's fastest growing, thrilling and exciting sports - these are real shotguns which have been remodelled to fire infrared beams at the clay's.

The electronic scoreboard has multiple game options and reveals each competitors skill and accuracy for everybody's amusement!!

  • Fast moving, fun and competitive
  • Day or night, indoors or outdoors
  • Compete individually or in teams
  • Guaranteed fun for everyone
  • Suitable for kids aged 12+