Gladiator Jousting

Gladiator Jousting Cork


In the Roman Empire gladiators were men and women who fought, sometimes to the death to provide entertainment. Thankfully Adventure Park has modified this sport into a 21st century, friendly, fun filled activity that will get everyone in high spirits.

Individuals are armed with a pugil stick and perched on a raised podium.

The aim is to try and knock your opponent off their perch sending them falling onto the inflatable crash mat.

Gladiator Jousting
Gladiator Jousting

Battle It Out!

This Gladiator Jousting activity is a battle of skill for two brave opponents! Or in other words…great craic! Two persons trying to knock the other off, usually done on a best of three basis. Ideal for any events or team bonding days, especially if you want to show your boss who is boss!

Survival Of The Fittest!

Gladiator Jousting is an ideal activity for settling arguments, inter-departmental spats, theological disputes and other storms in a teacup.

Two opponents face each other on podiums above an inflatable crash mat. The objective is to knock your opponent off their platform using a pugel stick, which is not unlike a huge cotton bud.

So, when you can’t settle it with talk, call in Gladiator Jousting.

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What our guests have to say
Love this place. Have been on the international Karting track several times. Very well run location. Paintballing is also a great laugh and again very well run. Highly recommended.
Gavin Conran
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Quality track. Brilliant for any kind of day out whatever your into. Paintballing, karting, and plenty of drifting with regular days from the IDC and idac crowd.
Shane Dorney
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Brilliant day out. Great for all ages. Staff very friendly and welcoming. Packages are great value. Highly recommend.
Denise Dineen
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Great fun. Have went here once, as I live quite a bit away from here. Passing one day and seen the sign and decided to book and I have to say it was great fun.
Michael Mulcahy
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The paintballing is Amazing if you get in with a big group. Marshalls Are friendly and helpful the three maps are all great for chaotic running and gunning
Dáire Hannon
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Absolutely brilliant best go karting experience in Ireland.Fun,safe and so well ran.Group of went out today couldn't rate highly enough.
Paula Mchugh
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