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Adventure Park

Can I just turn up or do I need to book?

Bookings are always advisable, especially for groups. Availability depends on our existing bookings.


What should I wear?

As a rule check the weather on the day but we would advise comfortable older clothes. We provide wet gear for rainy days. Sturdy shoes or trainers are essential. Will my booking still go ahead in the rain? Yes! Kartworld is an all year round purpose built state of the art facility, so rain doesn’t affect it much. We provide wet gear and overalls to protect you from the elements.


Do I need a deposit?

This depends on your booking size or booking type and we will advise you when your making your booking. However, we generally take credit or debit card details to secure the booking and payment can be made on the day.


How do I Pay?

Visa, master, credit, debit card or cash. We only accept cheques from schools or corporate groups.

Icon Karting

How fast do the karts go?

The karts can reach speeds of 80kmph


How long are the tracks?

The International track is 850 metres long and the National track is 650 metres long.


What’s the difference between the tracks?

The international track is for 16 years+ and the national track is for everyone! Under 16’s, family groups and adults. While the international track has more straights, the national track has more bends and turns, making both tracks just as fun and exciting.

Icon Paintballing

What is paintball?

Paintball is the fastest growing sport in the world. Players are divided into two teams and they battle to defend and attack positions in the game areas with different scenarios.

Each player is issued with a camouflage suit, protective facemask, googles, a padded hood and a paintball marker (gun) which fires a coloured paint pellet.


Does it hurt?

The objective of the game is to win each ‘mission’ but only by compliance with the strict safety codes of practice, which do not allow shots that are too close. The paint pellets break on impact and there may be a stinging sensation for a short period.


What age do you have to be?

Players must be 12 years and over to play.


Is it safe?

Safety standards and observance have the highest priority when running paintball games at Kartworld. Any person, who breaches the safety standards or refuses to comply with an instruction from a marshal, is removed from the game area.


How long does it take?

Games take approximately 3 hours to run. Shorter lengths of time can be arranged – just ask.


Can I wear glasses?

Glasses can be worn under the facemask. If contact lenses could be worn, this would make it more comfortable.