4 Perfect Occasions for Paintballing in Ireland

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Now that the COVID-19 is beginning to go and life is returning back to normal, we can get back to more enjoyable things like shooting our friends with paintball guns. 

Adventure Park is the perfect place to have any type of party. If you’re looking for an epic location for a kids birthday party? Then you’ve found it.

Perhaps you’re looking to break the mundane routine of office life? Adventure Park is the perfect option. What better way to get one over on your boss than a paintball to the stomach. 

Over the course of the calendar year, there are multiple dates that stand out for one reason or another; whether it’s a birthday, holiday, or a friend’s last hurrah before their wedding. Big occasions should always be marked by fun and memorable moments.

Make your next event memorable by bringing your group to Adventure Park and experiencing the thrill of paintball.

At Adventure Park, we cater for all different occasions. We aim to give you the ultimate paintballing experience. Our professionally trained staff are on hand to help you and your group have the best event possible. 

Here are four perfect opportunities to embrace the adrenaline-fuelled action of paintballing.


Depending on your age, a birthday can be a really exciting time, or the day you dread most because you’re another year older. Either way, it’s safe to say you should make the most of it.

Nothing compares to rallying a group of friends and descending out onto the paintball battlefield.

At Adventure Park, we cater for a variety of different age groups, customising every aspect of your time with us to provide a paintball experience like no other. With huge maps to explore, combat scenarios to immerse yourself in and a selection of upgraded paintball equipment to choose from, you can create your own unforgettable experience. 

Plus, we even get a food cafeteria. Just remember to leave room for birthday cake!


Corporate team building events have a tendency to be dull and awkward affairs. ‘Forced fun’ with co-workers is never the most exciting way to spend your day, especially if the activity requires too much interaction with people you work with every day.

Paintball requires a whole load of team tactics if you want to succeed (and not get pummeled by paintballs from your arch nemesis in HR) 

Paintballing is actually an activity that will help you to bond better with your colleagues, without the stress of the workplace. If you’re an employer looking for a way to motivate and improve workplace morale, you couldn’t pick a better activity than paintball.


Stag and hen parties are renowned for being an occasion where all involved end up drinking way too much and are usually wearing a suspect choice of fancy dress. Not your cup of tea? Then paintballing is the next best alternative. 

What better way to get back at your friend for leaving you than shooting them with a paintball? 

We fully recognise the importance of a premarital send-off and relish the opportunity to help make it as unforgettable as possible. That’s why we recommend stag and hen parties at Adventure Park.


There’s a lot to be said for the benefits of a spontaneous day out. 

Throwing a spanner into the works of your usual routine and spending a day battling head-to-head with a group of friends is an awesome way to blow off some steam.

It’s easy to fall into a regimental-style week where all you seem to do is work. It’s for this reason that a random day of excitement, laughs and a chance to embrace your inner Rambo is more than welcomed. 

Whether it’s an outing with your family or trying a new activity with friends, paintballing is difficult to rival in the world of adrenaline-fuelled sports.

Paintball is definitely an activity we everyone should try at least once.

Paintballing at Adventure Park

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