How To Drive Faster Around Bends When Go-Karting

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How To Get Better At Go-Karting?

Ready to take your go-kart racing to the next level? Here at Adventure Park, we are passionate about racing and want to help you be an even better driver. We love seeing young and experienced racers challenge themselves to achieve faster lap times. There is always fantastic excitement and a competitive spirit on the track.

It’s good to note that even the best drivers in the world reach a plateau when it comes to faster lap times. That’s why we’ve put a blog on karting tips and tricks that we have picked up over the years at Kartworld. Reach new driving milestones with a few small adjustments to your racing strategy before you start seeing results.

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How To Drive Faster Around Corners In Go-Karting
How To Drive Faster Around Corners In Go-Karting

Get Familiar With The Go-Karting Track

The first thing you’ll want to do is familiarize yourself with the karting track.

This is a very important step and will save you a lot of time and frustration if you take the time to get used to the track.

To improve lap times, you need to make sure you know the track very well. Memorising the track layout will help you feel more confident when driving.

Each racing track has its own unique set of turns, barriers, and signage. Try memorising each turn and the order they appear in. From there you can start creating your strategy for shaving off time. There may be more than one way to navigate a turn, and it’s up to you to decide which way to do it.

In racing scenarios, it often comes down to a split-second decision. The way you handle this turn could be the deciding factor in where you finish. The best thing to do is take notice of what other drivers are doing around you to make the best decision.

Check out our map below to get familiar with our track –

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How To Navigate Turns

Navigating turns as a professional race car driver requires superhuman levels of focus. Karting has many of the same principles. Tiny adjustments can make massive improvements to your lap time. Once you’re familiar with every turn, it’s time to establish the best racing line for the turn.

A racing line is essentially the fastest possible path around a corner. This line can be broken down into three parts: the outside of the turn you’re approaching, the apex and the innermost part of the track, and the outside of the track that you come into at the end of the turn.

Approaching The Turn

As you approach a turn you must do so from the outside of the track. Try and get as close to the edge of the track for your approach to the corner. At this point, you should still be accelerating as much as you can to reach a top speed before you approach the corner. This can seem unnatural for an inexperienced driver.

Approaching The Apex

As you approach the corner, try and stay in that straight line. By the time you’re approaching the apex of the turn, it’s time to ease off the accelerator and press your breaks. As you’re passing through or near to your turn’s apex (depending on how tight it is), start turning after getting ready for this by shifting gears beforehand.

Coming Out Of The Turn

As you’re coming out of the turn, it’s important to continue accelerating in a straight line. Doing so will help prevent your back wheels from kicking out. Aim for the outside of the track while accelerating to get a longer distance before slowing down from turning.

-Try to keep your speed up when exiting. If you don’t, your back wheel will kick out and you’ll have a hard time recovering.

-Aim for the outside of the track while accelerating to get a longer distance before slowing down.

Where You Can Usually Improve The Most

Your timing for the apex approach is the most important element of your turn. Breaking and accelerating during the approach will drastically influence your time around a corner.

Remember -The apex is the spot on the inside corner of a turn where you can take a peek to show your profile to the corner. It usually occurs at the midpoint of the turn, between the two sides of it. The goal is to hit this spot as close to perfect as possible, without overshooting it and running off the outside of the track.

Approach every turn with the intention of accelerating and braking at different speeds and positions. Pick a specific point to brake and accelerate and experiment with it. Think about specific objects or markers on the track which you can use to indicate where you need to start breaking, accelerating, or turning.

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