How To Not Get Wrecked In Paintballing – Beginners Guide

Paintball Background

Are you making your paintballing debut soon? Like many first time players, you’re probably worried about getting lit up by multiple paintballs simultaneously from different directions. 

If you’re not worried about that, well then you should be. You should be training twice a day for weeks before your first paintballing experience.

Just kidding. Everyone’s first paintball experience is exciting, to say the least. High-intensity tactical games, with a bunch of weapons and tactics to choose from make for a memorable experience. It’s safe to say an adrenaline rush is on the cards. A day of paintball is extremely fun for everyone involved, but it’s also a great team building exercise as it improves communication and builds confidence.

If you’re about to experience paintball for the first time, then follow our professional tips to help you out. 

Play Smart

I know you hate Mark with a passion and all you can think about is running up behind him and letting a barrage of paintballs slap into his back. 

But be careful. Paintball is a fast and exciting activity, so not rushing may sound like the type advice that will leave you dripping in paint. But as a newbie to paintball, running in guns blazing is a great way to get yourself shot.

Therefore we recommend playing the long game. Although at Adventure Park you can ‘respawn’, meaning that you’ll be allowed back into the game as a reinforcement, it’s important to stay in the game and near your teammates. This way you can help them out when you get ambushed, or planning your own ambush. 

Keep Low and Use Cover

I know what you’re thinking. How can I find Mark if I’m hiding behind cover and keeping low? 

When moving between cover or in open areas you should always try and keep as low as possible. If you’re doing jumping jacks in the middle of no man’s land, you’re going to make someone’s day. I can assure you it will ruin your day. 

Keep low and use cover such as walls, trees and sandbags to hide behind. 

Adventure Park has different paintball maps and gamemodes, however we always recommend keeping low and using cover to your advantage. Your goal is to make yourself the smallest target possible. 

Teamwork Makes Dreamwork

During any game of paintball, there’s the temptation to go full Rambo and do it alone. If you take this approach, you’ll soon find that a team that can work together effectively will have a significant advantage over a group of lone wolves.

Many of our maps will require you to lay down covering fire for teammates, clearing buildings and capturing objectives with your squad. We assure you, winning will be much easier when you’re working as a team. 

Aside from making you an unstoppable force on the battlefield, working as a team makes the whole experience a lot more fun, whether you carry out attacks to perfection or fail miserably, it makes for an awesome experience.

Paintballing At Adventure Park

Paintball is brilliant fun and definitely something everyone needs to try at least once. If you’re looking for one of the best paintballing experiences in Ireland, then you’ve found the right place. 

If you’re looking for a full day of action, then why not try out our high-speed Go-Karting, Archery, Sumo Wrestling and Gladiator Jousting.

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