How to Be Faster at Go Kart Racing

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Go-Karting is a high-speed, action packed experience that is perfect for groups on any occasion. If you’re planning a birthday party, staff party, corporate day out, or even just a day out with friends and family, Go-Karting offers a great experience. 

In this article, we will teach you how to get better, and faster times on our world class Go-Karting track. Earn bragging rights and become the best Go-Kart racer in your friend group. 

Learn To Operate The Kart Safely.

When you sit in the go kart for the first time, the most important thing to do is make sure you can operate the kart safely. This means that your feet can reach the pedals and easily press them down all the way. You’ll also need to easily reach the steering wheel, ideally with your arms bent a little. 

Learn The Controls

Ok, you can reach the pedals and steering wheel – next, learn the controls. Make sure you know which pedal is the brake, which pedal is the throttle (gas). The throttle pedal is usually on the right, while the brake pedal is on the left. Unlike driving a car, you’ll be using your left foot to press on the brake, rather than using your right foot to do both. 

It’s also important to know how to reverse in case you find yourself pointed in the wrong direction on the track. Most Adventure Park Speed karts have a red button on the steering wheel. At a complete stop, press and hold the red button then press on the throttle pedal. Your kart should slowly reverse. Release the red button when you are ready to go straight again. 

Warm Up Your Tires

Use your first lap on the track to warm up your tire temperatures. You can do this by slowly weaving back and forth on the track (while being mindful of other karts on track!). Warmer tires will give you better grip and traction on the track than cold tires and will decrease your likelihood of spinning. 

Build Up Your Speed

It’ll probably take you several laps before you memorise the track. Just take it slow in your first laps. Discover areas that can be taken faster and areas you’ll need to really slow down for. Then, gradually increase your speed until you feel you’re going fast without losing control or speed. Make sure your steering is smooth – not fast and jerky – and try to keep your car in a straight line as much as you can.

Learn And Obey Rules / Flags

When you’re out on the track, make sure you obey the rules of the track and the flags that are waved. Since this is your first time at Adventure Park, we’ll give you a safety briefing prior to getting into the kart to go over the rules of the track and what each flag means. It’s important to pay close attention to this briefing and ask any questions you may have so that everyone has a fun and safe experience. 

Go Karting is Physical

One thing that may surprise you when you start go kart racing at Adventure Park is how physical it actually is. There’s a reason why the pros are athletes! There’s no power steering on our karts, so the steering wheel will feel a lot stiffer to turn. Additionally, these karts can corner at fast speed and produce g-forces. So you’ll be feeling the forces on our body as you drive quickly through our turns. Don’t be surprised if you’re a little out of breath by the end of your race! 

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Adventure Park Cork Go-Karting Prices

30 minutes Session – 30 minutes racing + Detailed personalised race analysis for all participants.

€42 (per person) – Enquire Now

Grand Prix Event – Minimum 14 people, Exclusive hire of the track, 5 minute warm up, 35 minute race, Lap Times with full race analysis, 1st, 2nd, 3rd trophies, Ideal for Stags

€55 (per person) – Enquire Now

60 minutes Session – 60 minutes racing + Detailed personalised race analysis for all participants (10 or more in the group €65p/p).

€70 (per person) – Enquire Now

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