Important Paintballing Tips for Beginners

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Always Keep Your Gun Clean

To get the most out of your paintball games, be sure to clean your gun every time you play for maximum accuracy and performance. Over time, gun residue can cause decreased accuracy & inability to fire. On average, you can expect a few paint pellets to break or crack throughout your day of playing. If they do, you’ll need to quickly sweep them up because it will ruin the rest of the functional ones.

Sticking pellets can lead to misfeeds or blockages in your barrel. Always check for stuck pellets or gunk inside your hopper and clean the hopper if there’s paint inside. Make sure you wipe down your marker also, so it looks as good as new when you get a chance.

Don’t Be Tempted to Pick Pellets

Experienced players should pick pellets that don’t break upon impact. A broken pellet can impair your performance and shooting ability. This could be a serious issue because paintball pellets usually have a gelatin covering, something you want to avoid when you’re trying to shoot someone else.

An improperly placed used ball in your barrel could lead to blockage and cause malfunctions.

If pellets are dropped while they are being loaded into your gun, they can still be put to use if they’re dry and clean. However, if they got on wet ground or puddles you should be careful in how you handle them as it is likely that some will have picked up dirt and other contaminants.

Avoid Rapid Fire

It takes some time to get used to the controls, but if you’re looking to add value to your team, then reducing and controlling your impact while waiting for a better opportunity is the ideal strategy.

The semi-automatic gun has a significant safety feature which stops it from firing if the trigger is not pulled fully. If you’re having difficulty with this, using your middle finger could be useful. 

Keep Gravity in Mind

Most paintball guns only allow the balls to flow in one way, which can be frustrating if you’re getting shot because you’re not using the product correctly. Always carry your gun upright so that the balls will be fed smoothly and you won’t have incidents of dry firing.

For better accuracy, it is important that you line up the gun properly with your shoulder so that pellet chambers are loaded successfully.

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Use Defensive Tactics

While you might not be an expert paintball shooter (yet), there are still a few pointers to keep your opponent from taking away the victory. One of these is to make yourself a difficult target to hit. For instance, if you’re exposed after missing a target, your best bet is to run in the opposite direction

However, if your opponent is skilled in shooting from range, he may be able to hit you. You should run zig zags to make it hard for him to find you.

Don’t Overcrowd Your Teammates

Clustered team members make easy (and irresistible) targets—exactly why expert paintballers tend to ride solo. It’s better to move safely using barricades, trees, and other obstacles as your cover. You want to make sure you’re on the radar of your veteran teammates & be ready to fire when it’s needed. You could also start following other trusted teammates to see what they follow – this’ll expose opposing players or create easy targets for your own team.

When opponents spread out, they have to prioritise different targets, making them more conscious about their marksmanship.

Keep an Eye on the Marshal

If you notice the paintball marshal moving towards you, it’s a good idea to find out what’s happening and move away from that area first. If there’s about to be a firefight, it could be for your safety or for yours and your team members’. Either way, follow the orders of the marshals as closely as possible.

Although monitoring the marshal may make you aware of an imminent attack, your focus should not be on the marshal. You should focus on understanding the game and its dynamics. Knowing where your opponents are is a lot better than watching for any signs of danger from one member of your patrol.

Winding Up

Before you become a paintballing expert, research the pattern and ammunition of your gun. You’ll also want to practice on different surfaces so you can learn how different surfaces work with your gun. This will help you learn a lot about how the trajectory and the pellets move through the air.

When using a paintball marker you should hold your body in a way that is sturdy enough to support the gun and make sure it is steady. Your upper body should be slightly bent so that you can look down at the marker as well.

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