Why Go-Karting Is The Perfect Staff Christmas Party

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Want an unrivalled team building event fueled with fun, excitement and friendly competition? Our Formula 1 inspired race events have been a favourite for corporate groups for many years. How will your colleagues fare in our testing and stimulating environment?

What is Go Karting?

Go karting is the sport of driving go karts. Go karts are fundamentally a small-scale four-wheeled vehicle, not too dissimilar from a car. In fact, go karts share many of the same characteristics of a car including: a steering wheel, tires, brakes, an engine/motor, and gas/brake pedals. 

The major difference with go karts is that they’re usually stripped down to just those major parts without all the luxuries that your road car has. So you often won’t see things like suspension, plush seating, a stereo, and so on.

What Does a Go Kart Look Like?

Go karts can come in all shapes and (small) sizes. Some are made to look like smaller versions of road-going cars, while others look like miniature race cars. Above you see a picture of what an adult go kart looks like at Adventure Park. 

The go kart is low to the ground and features small wheels/tires, a steering wheel, throttle and brake pedal, seat, and a roll hoop for safety. 

Go karts tend to be substantially lighter and have a shorter wheelbase than your average car. This means they can accelerate quickly and are much easier to drive. As a result, they’re also a lot more fun to drive than most cars!

National Karting Track

Adventure Park is home to one of Europe’s best Go-Karting tracks. This one of a kind track will be sure to raise your adrenaline.

For many, racing is not just a sport, it is a way of life. You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great. This is why you should visit Kartworld Adventure Park for an experience you and your friends will always remember.

We are located just 25 minutes from Cork city centre. Our Go-Karting track is perfect for stag parties, hen parties, corporate events, school tours, youth clubs, birthday parties and many more events.

High Adrenaline Karting in Cork

This track is all about the bends and turns! It is one track where you can book a session to learn the tricks and tips of karting and still be in race mode at a high speed. Families and friends can also join in the thrill on our National Karting Track because it makes a great activity for ages 8 years and over.

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Adventure Park Cork Go-Karting Prices

30 minutes Session – 30 minutes racing + Detailed personalised race analysis for all participants.

€42 (per person) – Enquire Now

Grand Prix Event – Minimum 14 people, Exclusive hire of the track, 5 minute warm up, 35 minute race, Lap Times with full race analysis, 1st, 2nd, 3rd trophies, Ideal for Stags

€55 (per person) – Enquire Now

60 minutes Session – 60 minutes racing + Detailed personalised race analysis for all participants (10 or more in the group €65p/p).

€70 (per person) – Enquire Now

Learn more about Go-Karting at Adventure Park.

Go-Karting Frequently Asked Questions

How fast do the karts go?

The karts can reach speeds of 80kmph

How long are the tracks?

The International track is 850 metres long and the National track is 650 metres long.

What’s the difference between the tracks?

The international track is for 16 years+ and the national track is for everyone! Under 16’s, family groups and adults. While the international track has more straights, the national track has more bends and turns, making both tracks just as fun and exciting.

Plan Your Next Day Out At Adventure Park

Adventure Park delivers a one of a kind experience for all ages and can cater for all manner of events. Group events, corporate, school tours, youth clubs to stag do weekends, hen parties and fun filled family days out. You name it, we have it covered.

Our aims have always been to deliver the ultimate adventure experience for all ages to all people and we promise you just that.

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